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Foundation Course: Beginner

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Luminos Foundation Course Registration – $800 USD

Gain effective knowledge of a multitude of homeopathic remedies.
Gain effective knowledge of a multitude of homeopathic remedies.

Luminos Foundation Course in Homeopathy is an innovative and comprehensive on-line course. It is being hailed as “a great step forward for homeopathy” by many in the professional homeopathic community.

We invite you to join us for this enjoyable, exciting and instructive course.

New! Video Content! – As part of the course watch and learn from multiple video webinars aligned with written course content.

The course includes all the basics of homeopathy and more. You will gain an excellent knowledge base to correctly use homeopathic remedies in first aid and acute situations. This course will also introduce you to homeopathy in the treatment of chronic disease.

It will benefit you, your family and friends and set up an in-depth understanding of homeopathy. This will assist you in not only understanding homeopathy but also the unique homeopathic worldview.

This course partially satisfies required instruction hours for certain homeopathic certifications.

Some of the unique aspects of this Course are:

The Best that Homeopathy has to Offer – Production and information directed by Louis Klein, a world-renowned homeopath with over 25 years experience.

Excellent Interactive Faculty – Some of the world’s best homeopaths participate in discussions of various foundational topics. They also contribute the modern material for this course. Valuable elements of homeopathic knowledge are imparted.

Online Tutor – If you have questions you can ask the online tutor staffed by experienced homeopaths.

Online Text Books – All information from textbooks is electronically included online. You will explore classic texts and authors in homeopathy as well as modern perspectives. You also will receive a CD containing special homeopathic texts and searchable databases.

Practical Focus – You will learn to use with confidence most first aid and most acute homeopathic remedies. You will also learn the basics of all kinds of prescribing and perspectives in homeopathy. You will have an invaluable understanding of the principles and history of homeopathy.

Adult Education – Respect for the student’s own development, abilities and confidence are paramount.

A message from Louis Klein R.S. Hom., Director of the Foundation Course:

“I first conceptualized this to be an easy and basic introductory course to homeopathy. As I started working on the course, I realized, because of my own passion for homeopathy and commitment to excellence in practice, that it would have to be much more than a simple introduction.

So I have spent hundreds of hours organizing and presenting what I believe to be the most valuable information and way of studying homeopathy. I know that anyone going through all the modules will have a profound shift in their thinking and knowledge of homeopathy. I am determined that this foundation course will set the basis for practicing excellent homeopathy at whatever level you wish to do it at – professional or first aid and acute.

I also created a very engaging atmosphere so that a participant will follow through and complete their studies.

I knew that input from other experienced senior homeopaths would be integral to getting an all around view of homeopathy, so I selected a faculty that represents some of the best homeopaths in the world.

I have taken sections from classic and modern texts and included them ” in line”. This way the student has no additional costs since all textbook is included and already online, right there in each module.

I am hoping that you will value the exceptional and unique quality of this online Luminos Foundation Course.”


Our faculty reflects our commitment to quality education in homeopathy.
We have chosen some of the top homeopaths in the world as teachers for this Course.

Louis Klein F.S. Hom., Director

Louis Klein R.S. Hom, is founder of Luminos Homeopathic Courses and the director of the Homeopathic Master Clinician Course, which grants the HMC designation. He is a world class senior practitioner, lecturer, teacher, author and professional consultant with over 35 years of experience. He travels extensively and teaches not only the HMC Course but also lectures at various medical schools, conferences and events.

Pat Deacon R.S.Hom., Instructor/Tutor

Pat Deacon first came to homeopathy in the early 1980’s as a last resort in the search for help with one of her son’s severe allergies.

She was so amazed and impressed with the results that she decided to study homeopathy herself. In 1990, Pat and her family moved to England and she enrolled at Purton House School of Homeopathy in Buckinghamshire.

Upon graduation, she set up practices in Saffron Walden, Essex and in Cambridge, and registered with the Society of Homeopaths (UK).

In 1999, Pat returned to Canada, where she lived in the Okanagan Valley and practiced there and in Vancouver for 9 years. Pat studied formally with Louis Klein FSHom, her main teacher, on the Homeopathic Master Clinician (HMC) course.

While in Britain and in the years since, she has also attended seminars with many other homeopathic teachers, notably with Jan Scholten and Ulrich Welte.

She regularly supervises other homeopaths, and holds workshops for midwives on using homeopathy in their practices and for homeopaths on treating women during pregnancy and birth.

We are pleased to have her as our Foundation Course Instructor and Tutor

Mary Grace C.C.H., R.S. Hom.

Mary Grace has been practicing and teaching homeopathy for many years in Los Angeles, CA. She was the founder of the College of Homeopathy in California and is considered a senior practitioner and teacher of homeopathy.

Bill Gray MD, HMC

Bill Gray, M.D. is a Stanford Medical School Graduate. He has been practicing and teaching homeopathy for 27 years in California. Bill Gray is considered one of the leading homeopaths in North America and the world having lectured throughout the U.S., Canada, Norway, Netherlands, Germany, England, Finland, and New Zealand.

He is the author of: Homeopathy: Science or Myth and has assisted in the writing of the books, The Science of Homeopathy and Homeopathy Medicine of the New Man.

He was recently honored to represent North America at the homeopathic bicentennial celebration in Frankfurt, Germany. In April 1999, Dr. Gray was the first recipient of the prestigious Henry William’s Award.

Janet Levatin MD, HMC

Janet Levatin MD, HMC is a Board certified Pediatrician and Clinical Researcher in Homeopathy. She graduated from George Washington University School of Medicine and Dentistry and then did her Internship and Residency at the University of New Jersey and Children’s Hospital of New Jersey. She’s been practicing homeopathy since 1985. Janet is a Board member of the American Institute of Homeopathy and a Board member of the New England Homeopathic Academy since 1994.

Jan Scholten MD

Jan Scholten is an international speaker and author. He directs one of the largest European centres for Homeopathy in Utrecht, Holland. His books “Homeopathy and the Minerals” and “Homeopathy and the Elements” are best sellers across the world.

Aryana Rayne

Aryana Rayne is the Administrator of the Course.

What is the Course Format?

There are 9 Modules that you access through the Internet. You can study at your own pace. After you have completed each module you will be granted permission to move to the next one. You can access back to the completed modules at any time. New information is constantly being added to the modules.

Content of Course

Introduction to Homeopathy
History of Homeopathy
Context of Modern Homeopathy
Foundation of Good Homeopathy- principles and more
First Aid and Acute Prescribing
Remedy Descriptions- both fundamental and advanced information
Treating your Family
Introduction to Constitutional Prescribing
Introduction to Chronic Disease Prescribing with some remedies
On-line Tutor
Description of Homeopathic Texts and Instructions on how to use them
Introduction to Homeopathic Computer Search Programs and Data Bases
Practice Cases
Directed Assignments

Online Tutor – Ask the Experts

One of the most important aspects of this course is the experts behind it. You will be able to ask your questions to one of them on our Online Tutor Forum. You will have access to some of the greatest minds in homeopathy. For the duration of the course and even after completion you will have access to a homeopathic expert via the online tutor.


No experience necessary; open to everyone from all backgrounds.
A basic web browser and email capability is all that is required.
Information from texts is provided on line. No other textbooks are required although books that you may wish to purchase are described and reviewed. You receive a free computer program with homeopathy texts and repertory after completing the third module.
Available in English only at present.
“Certificate of Completion” awarded on completion of all 9 modules.
Courses provided by Luminos Homeopathic Courses Ltd, should not be considered complete schooling to become a homeopath. They are either introductory or post graduate courses. For more complete educational experiences attend a school of homeopathy.

Tuition Fee – $800 US

Includes access to all 9 online Modules, materials and online tutor. Register online here »

Refund Policy

If written notice of withdrawal is received prior to 30 days after the start date, then all monies are refunded except an administration fee of $100.

If withdrawal occurs between start date and 60 days then 25% of the fees will be retained plus the $100 administration fee.

There is no refund after the 60 day mark.