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HMC Course Information

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The Homeopathic Master Clinician (HMC) Course began in 1995 and is designed to educate homeopaths in advanced homeopathic understanding and clinical expertise.

This is a unique opportunity for the development of advanced homeopathic skills through a series of seminars and assignments.

The Homeopathic Master Clinician Course will give you a good foundation for excellence in clinical practice and will also fill in the gaps of previous training. Through clinical studies and advanced homeopathic philosophy, the course will assist you in deepening your perceptions of the patterns that create and cure disease as well as dramatically improve the accuracy of your prescribing and case management.

The HMC Course is open to those with basic knowledge and experience in homeopathy including those who have graduated from other courses or in progress with their studies.

Individuals from all backgrounds accepted as participants.


Graduates of this course will be in the forefront of the community of professional homeopaths with a comprehensive understanding and commitment to homeopathic philosophy. They will have a high degree of confidence and skill in the practical application of homeopathy. Graduates will have the ability to discern and incorporate any new information and discoveries into their clinical practice of homeopathy, without being committed to one particular dogma.

Core Curriculum

Classroom Seminars/Clinical Observation
Student Clinical and Practice Review

Classroom Seminars/Clinical Observation

Lectures and Demonstrations focusing on the clinical application of homeopathy
Historical relevant review as well as the latest developments in homeopathy
Deeper comprehensive Case Analysis including new methodologies
Materia Medica review and filling in the gaps of Materia Medica
Materia Medica that is new and particularly important to North American practice- presented with experience and insight.
Practical and deeper understanding of advanced homeopathic philosophy
Over 200 cases of unusual remedies and advanced prescribing
Videos demonstrating advanced clinical skills
Live cases
Paper cases

Student Clinical and Practice Review

There will be opportunities for some students to present their own paper, video or live cases for discussion and gentle feedback.

Incorporated in the program is time for discussion on the successful resolution of day to day challenges, and difficulties of homeopathic practice and even the set up and management of a homeopathic practice.


The purpose of assignments is to focus the participant on relevant information pertaining to their study and practice. Directed assignments will be of a practical nature and many times utilize the practitioner’s or student’s own clinical work.

Through this process and depending on your level of participation, you can more effectively identify your own personal strengths and weaknesses and receive gentle guidance as to how to develop or improve your clinical expertise.

Certificate of Completion

A certificate of completion will be presented at the end of the course to those who have attended 80% or more of the classes.


A diploma will be awarded on the basis of past qualification and experience (based on your application information), attending most sessions, as well as demonstrating a level of excellence in prescribing and understanding.

Nature of HMC Course

The HMC Course is a course, not a registered school or college, dedicated to excellence in advanced homeopathic training and practice. For a complete education in homeopathy we suggest you attend a school or college of homeopathy.

Cost of Course

Contact us for fee information.

Course Location and Dates

The course length is three years. Each year there will be 3 three-day sessions.

Because of the nature of the course, there will be a maximum number of students per class so register early. Specific location and information will be sent upon registration.


Open to all backgrounds.
An application is required and individually assessed for the suitability of this course.

Primarily, applicants will have some previous study, basic knowledge and basic experience in homeopathy.

Application and Registration

To apply to the HMC Course either follow the directions listed below or use the HMC application form. After your application is received, a telephone or personal interview may be necessary. Upon acceptance of your application, a registration form will be sent for you to fill out and return.

Directions: To apply for the Homeopathic Master Clinician Course send a CV (Curriculum Vitae or Resume) with a brief summary of your professional background, education and your homeopathic training and experience.

Briefly answer the following questions:

What do you see yourself getting out of this course and what will you do on graduation?
What do you see as the ideal homeopathic training for you and why?

Please include biographical information such as your address, date of birth and telephone numbers.

Send your application with a $200 refundable deposit to the address below. This deposit is applied to your fees if accepted.

HMC course

Attention: Administrator, Aryana Rayne
850 Bolton Road
Bowen Island, B.C.
V0N 1G2
phone: 604-947-0757
fax: 604-947-0764