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Konstantinos Pisios

Dr. Konstantinos Pisios is a Homeopath and specialist in Internal Medicine.

He has discovered the essence and pictures of more than 20 homeopathic remedies like Crotalus adamanteus, Crotalus basiliscus, Crotalus viridis, Crotalus lepidus, Macrovipera lebetina, Vipera xanthina, Vipera aspis and others. In his books, showcasing real case studies, he demonstrates how valuable these remedies are for homeopaths and how to use them to their patients benefit.

Treating his patients children led him to new remedies that affect their psyche at a deeper level and give better results than the common remedies used by pediatricians.

His books offer new knowledge in Homeopathy, as:

  • the first definition of what is essence and what is picture in Homeopathy
  • the picture difference between the sexes
  • the frequent difference in picture between adult and child even when they have the same essence and need the same remedy
  • the concept of levels of disease and
  • the criteria of cure in Homeopathy

He presents at international conferences, seminars and writes articles that are regularly published in specialist magazines and on websites that cover medical, homeopathic and sports medicine information.

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