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New to Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is an elaborate and very detailed system of healing based upon the principle of stimulating the body to heal itself. It is non-toxic and highly effective. Widespread throughout Europe, especially Great Britain and also in Central and South America, India, and Africa, homeopathy is experiencing an explosive resurgence in the United States and Canada as part of the movement toward alternative medicine. The principles underlying the specialty of homeopathy have been systematically proven throughout two centuries of practice and validated by over 200 scientific studies meeting modern criteria of acceptability.

If you are new to homeopathy we would suggest a number of options.

First, check out our International Homeopathic Foundation Course. This distance learning, adult education course is geared to your personal requirements and will give you a sound introduction to the world of homeopathy. No experience necessary!

You also get to utilize our on-line tutor where your individual questions can be answered by an experienced homeopath.

Alternately, you can start by looking at a few books and introductory information which you can find at

Find out about the wonderful world of homeopathy…join our exciting Foundation Course now.

As well, for general information about homeopathy visit this blog: