Louis Klein is one of the leading homeopaths worldwide. His latest book on miasms and nosodes is a ground-breaking pioneer work in the field of homeopathy.
On the basis of his broad clinical experience, Louis Klein attributes many known remedies to miasmatic states.
A miasmatic state becomes the core idea around which similar remedies are grouped. For example the Tetanus miasm comprises not only Tetanus nosode but also remedies like Hypericum, Angustura, Helodrilus, Tellurium and other related remedies. It is clinically linked also with tetanic syndromes, spasms or even convulsions. This new classification of miasmatic remedies is highly practical and opens a new chapter in homeopathy, demystifying and redefining the existing miasms, while adding several important new ones. It also introduces completely new remedies like Johneinum and Helodrilus, which he has proved extensively- Louis Klein’s work on miasms and nosodes is indeed a homeopathic milestone.